Tah-Or Israel Ltd is a private company established on 1 January 2010 directed by: Harold and Tanny van Ouwerkerk.
In Holland Tah-Or started at 1 October 2008 immediately after the sale of their specialized tail-lift repair and service company in Apeldoorn that they had managed since 16 June 1986.
This major leading company build his true strength in quality and service due to the profound knowledge accumulated over the years by its founders Harold and Tanny.
From their youth they had great affection for Israel and the Jewish people.
In the Bible is written that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, this was taken seriously and resulted in a personal as well as businesswise active support for the Jewish nation.
As Zionistic Christians it is their mission to support Israel in every way they can e.g. by enlarging the knowledge, service and safety of the tail-lifts on the local market.

In the summer of 2009 Harold and Tanny van Ouwerkerk emigrated together with 4 of their 5 children to start a new living in Israel. Without the full support of their children it would have been impossible to realize this huge step, therefore the parents like to express their gratitude to them in particular.


Tah-Or Israel Ltd. is the official distributor of MBB PalfingerHacoHPI-JtektMafelecPlastimat Hulla-Blitz.

We distribute both original and non-original parts for the following manufacturers: AMA, Anteo, Bär Cargolift, Dautel, Dhollandia, Elefantcar, Erhel Hydris, MBB-Palfinger, Sörensen, Zepro

Non original parts are marked with the abbreviation s.f.

Tah-Or Israel Ltd. is now an official supplier to IDF Israel





Tah-Or Israel Ltd. Bank Details:


VAT number: 514378603

Bank 20 Mizrahi Tefahot
Branch 422 Netanya
Account Number 241517
Name Tah-Or Israel Ltd.
IBAN IL190204220000000241517